The T Protocol: Testosterone and your Micro's

The T Protocol is a complete review of what is known to optimise Testosterone in Men.

Originally intended as a single resource, it has grown into a series of posts on key areas that Men need to address in order to realise the natural Testosterone levels that are their birth right.

Intuitively, Men seem to know that their diet must affect their Testosterone levels. But, there is a ton of misinformation to cut through on this topic before we can get to what is known, and what is simply conjecture.

This post will focus on how the micronutrients obtained through diet can affect your Testosterone levels. Micronutrients are the Vitamins and Minerals present in your food and drink. Sadly, poor diet and lifestyle choices can leave you lacking in many of the Micronutrients essential for healthy Testosterone levels.

Let us scrutinise some of the key Micronutrients that can help to optimise Male Testosterone levels.​​​​​​​

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