The "Dad Bod"

Dod Bod

There is a sinister trend creeping through the mainstream media. It involves glorifying the Man Boobs and paunches sported by middle aged Men.

Worse still, this trend advocates that it is a great image for guys in their twenties who are not yet fathers.

Men with physiques like dough balls, the product of a comfortable life of caloric excess, proudly presented as embracing their

"Dad Bod's"

Let me be very clear.

If you REALLY WANT this "Dad Bod". If you have planned and have aspired to culture a body like this and you accept all the health consequences that go with it...great. I'll shake your hand now. I will always respect the informed decision of an open mind, at odds with my thinking or not.

But really Lads?

Firstly, anyone who tells you that being inactive and overweight is OK are not acting in your best interests. In fact they are actively guiding you towards ill health and physical dysfunction.

Next, if you get introspective, do you actually want this for yourself? Would you rather have a fit, strong, functional body that will facilitate you living life to the fullest...or a health time bomb that dissolves into a sweaty mess after more than a couple of flights of stairs?

I know the answer. You know the answer. It is simply that many Men are not willing to set the standards for themselves that ensure the results they would like.

I'm not saying we should all be walking around looking like Spartan extra's from the 300 movie. But let us not pull any punches. If you want to be ready for anything life can throw at you, it is going to take some graft and will power. 

The popular media would have you think differently...wrapped in humour and sprinkled with light hearted tones, they drip feed affirmation of a "Dad Bod" into your mind.  

Consider the words of Amanda Hess, Author of a highly reviewed article on the website, Slate. 

"We don't want a guy that makes us feel insecure about our body. We are insecure enough as it is. We don't want a perfectly sculpted guy standing next to us to make us feel worse" 

This is vile behaviour. Projecting your own perceived inadequacies and insecurities onto another person. No, more than that, clawing them down to your own level of self pity and angst to help you feel better about yourself. 

Steel yourself against these individuals. Take a big, sharp, social machete and remove them permanently from your life and concern yourself with a positive mindset that will benefit yourself and your loved ones.

Speaking of loved ones, if you have children, they are being brain washed with the popular media's projection of a Dad as well.

Consider Peppa Pig, a hugely popular children's show. For the uninitiated, Peppa is part of a Pig family in a happy little animal based world. Peppa's father, Daddy pig is basically a fat, lazy buffoon who is constantly chastised by his wife and children with the phrase, "Silly Daddy Pig!". 

What kind of image of Fatherhood and Masculinity does this place into the minds of our children!?

The truth is, most women want a man with a decent physique. Not a couch potato with layers of lard to snuggle up to. This is not my opinion, that is the consensus of scientific study. It is with good reason women are drawn to the 'V' taper of a masculine chest to waist ratio. It signals physical competence, good upper body strength and a healthy endocrine system. 

If you are yet to become a Dad and are still in the 'game' then you know a lean and muscular physique will help you attract women. It goes without saying.

So what about actual Dads? Aside from keeping your wife attracted to you, losing the 'Dad Bod' will let you interact better with your children. Do you think David Beckham struggles to have a proper kick about with his kids? Or that Chris Hemsworth isn't an actual superhero to his sons? Dads should be helping to provide literal physical education - rough and tumble - to their children's upbringing.

If your back is so weak you can't pick them up, or you quite literally don't have any spare energy to play with them because you are so deconditioned, then it is time for a long hard look in the mirror.

And don't let me hear weak excuses about time, or money. 

If you really want a "Dad Bod" then it is easily acquired with very little effort. And like most things that require little effort to attain, it will bring you no joy, no pride, no confidence or satisfaction. Just that niggling feeling in the back of your mind of yet another job you haven't done.

If those eyes staring back at you in the mirror want something different then it is time to get to work... don't wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is too late. Start right now. 

Feels good doesn't it?

The first small step of positive action towards a greater goal.

I'll leave you with this...a quote I saw a while ago.

The cowards never started,
The weak fell behind long ago,
That just leaves us.
— On a gym wall somewhere