A Lost Generation of Men

Everywhere you look, Masculinity is labelled as being in a crisis. Be it a politician bemoaning the packs of young feral youths that roam the streets in hoodies, or middle aged men ridiculed as having a midlife crisis for riding motorbikes.

Masculinity, once revered, is increasingly less than acceptable. At least, in real life. 

It is okay to watch a ripped action hero behaving how you only wish you could, while you inhale a bucket of grain based fodder. Or cheer on ‘your’ team of carefully groomed gladiators, while inebriated with the same beer that sponsors them.

But not real life masculinity. Not the red blooded, competitive, joyful and rich ride that is real life masculinity. That must be suppressed, leashed.

You can maybe indulge in some ‘masculine’ distractions that society will tolerate. Spectator sports, man caves, designers beers and lads magazines. Just don’t rock the boat too much.

Masculinity is consistently portrayed in the media as stupid, crass, easily manipulated. Like some annoying pet that thinks with its stomach, its dick or its ego.

In many ways, that is what it has become.

Comply with the image of a ‘modern man’. Get a sensible job. Adhere to the rules of the politically correct brigade that marshall every institution. Address women in a courtly, egalitarian manner, even if they don't afford you a similar respect. Change a nappy and put it on the internet so you can be heralded a super Dad. Provide for your family, even if your wife leaves you, takes your children and half of everything you are worth. Get a girl pregnant? The State will pay women to be single mothers so they don’t need you. Hell, even if you did want to work and support that young girl, many of the jobs a young man can lend his hand to now are far more suited to females. Most of the traditional male jobs are being automated by machines.

If you do have a ‘good’ job, you are likely to have to work it until you are seventy five. Then, dues paid to society, you can live off of an ever dwindling pot of money for whatever time you have left.

Surely there is more for Men than this?

But, when faced with the metaphorical Morpheus, hands out stretched with the offer of truth or ignorance, we choose the blue pill. Accepting the soft comforts that society offers and therefore accepting our fate, further emasculating Men.

Lets face it. Men’s stock is falling as fast as our Testosterone levels. That is, almost 20% in the last two decades by recent estimates. Or our sperm count. Now one in five couples who seek treatment for infertility do so because the Man is woefully low on ammunition. Your Grandfather had no such trouble!

And whilst it is not an exclusively Male problem, our health is beset by rising rates of Cancer, Heart Disease, Autoimmunity, Diabetes, Obesity. 

But surely the trade off for all this is a happy, satisfied Male population? 

After all, food is abundant, you can indulge in endless virtual violence, sport is on television all hours of the day and if you don't feel like working for a living, you can always live off of the State.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

In 2013, 78% of all suicides in the UK were Male, and the death toll was rising most sharply amongst middle aged Men.

So what are we going to do about it?

You may want to swallow another blue pill. Flop on the sofa in front of the TV. Crack open a beer and try to forget. Until tomorrow.

But I choose the red pill.

I choose to rediscover what makes Men tick. What fuels us, literally, and psychologically. 

Food is a great example where Men have been hoodwinked for decades. Only last week the Newspapers were awash with front page news like ‘Official advice on Low Fat Diet and Cholesterol is Wrong’. 

Well, of course it is.

You wouldn't put a Tiger in a zoo, feed it on cheerios and expect it to be in supreme health. Everyone knows what Tigers should eat. So it is common sense to feed it on what it would eat in the wild. Or as close to this as is sensibly possible.

Is it a step too far to practice that common sense with ourselves?

Or instead, listen to the ‘experts’ whoever they may be. Who when challenged about what we should eat cry for more data, and say in ten, twenty or thirty years we will know the answer!

Well, I’m hungry, and I like common sense. So whilst you argue amongst yourselves, I will take the rational decision to find out what a human should eat, and replicate it as is practical. 

It’s all okay in our PC world though. Choose ignorance if you like. You can be proud of your spare tyre. You can love your man boobs. You can just accept, it’s who you are. It is ‘normal’.

Well, choke on that blue pill. Our acceptance of ‘Normal’ as we have been led to believe it, is what creates Men that are mere shadows of their Masculine legacy.

You see, around 10,000 years BC, your Male descendants stood around 6 feet tall. They had a bone mass around 20% greater than yours, and they were lean and muscular. They had rich culture, they founded spirituality. In fact, they had a brain capacity on average 10% bigger than yours. 

They were so effective in the brutal environment that they found themselves in, that they colonised most of the world, wiped out the only other species of human (the Neanderthals) and with nothing more than primitive spears, hunted most of the Palaeolithic megafauna to extinction. 

I’d be willing to bet that these were the type of Men you would be magnetised to. The type of Men who would inspire you. Men have always admired strength and bravery and independence. These physical and intellectual power houses had it in abundance. 

Now I recognise that evolution hasn’t stood still since then. But you are separated from your ancestors by a membrane of time and genes so flimsy in the grand scheme of the world that you could almost shake hands with them through it.


Men, this is a Call to Arms.


Reject ‘normal’. 


Understand, you have a right to a healthy, lean and muscular physique. You have a right to a sharp and unclouded mind. Your default mental setting is one of excitement and hunger for life.

The Way of Alpha is a quest to unravel thousands of years of Masculinity, to throw it into a cauldron of science and passion. Then heat it with new ideas and visions.

What re-incarnation of Masculinity emerges from that melting pot…only you can decide.


"He who knows only his own generation, remains always a child." Cicero.