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We are really thinking a couple would be nice but if the right single women came along that would be good. Message me. NO Storie REPLY I love given massages full sex tumblr stories also like given foot massages. I am interested in all races (but I've only had sex with black women before and would like to try it with an older black female). W4m Seeking a asia hot mom time can u show me one,I'm a white women dtories for a white or Hispanic male,To host me in a N S A affair please be Sex tumblr stories Free.

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Anyways here sex tumblr stories is hope you enjoy. Oh yeah this one-shot is based on this song X. Keep reading. You had been reading in the common room for 20 minutes. Everyone was gone except Loki and. It was a rare occurrence for anyone to be alone.

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Most missions involved everyone now a days. Laying on the chase you started to get twitchy. It had been months since anyone had touched you. There were just some days you thought sex tumblr stories would crawl out of your skin you were so horny. You put down your book completely unable to focus. Closing your eyes your neck leaned back onto the pillows.

Your hands tangled in your hair. Lush curls sex tumblr stories around your head. The light enhancing the golden undertones of your chestnut mane.

A contended smile gracing your lips as sex tumblr stories hands worked down to your neck. Fingertips sliding while your nails grazed your sensitive skin. Peaking over you spotted the god. Your hand dipping into your top to tease your nipple into a hard bud. Mingled with a decent amount sexy rio rancho girls sexual tension.

After a verbal sparring match that left sex tumblr stories both bereft. You had an unspoken agreement to keep the sass to a minimum. Watching you out of a mirror that was angled so he may watch you. You were other worldly for a tumbor.

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Smirking you turned to face. Hand falling from your thigh only to dive into your panties. Your finger teasing your clit as you felt your body slicken. Arching his eyebrow sex tumblr stories turned to take in the full effect. One hand supporting your head.

Lips parted while your chest began to pant in time with your strokes. Placing his book down sex tumblr stories his hand stroked himself through his pants.

Slowly sex tumblr stories his head into a nod. That was all you needed to move yourself over to. Positioning yourself so as to straddle the Asgardian. Your hand moving to untie his leather pants.

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Hands cupping your ass as he pulled down your panties. Both of storoes trying to remain in control of your breathing. Both of you slowly losing that fight. Grasping him enough to guide him in to your slick heat. Placing his cock at the bundle of nerves as you slid sex tumblr stories down to your waiting heat.

sex tumblr stories

A gasp escaping you while your other hand grabbed his shoulder. His hands squeezing your ass in an attempt to fully impale you upon. The second his head popped between your lips you had sex tumblr stories close your eyes. Biting your lip to keep the sex tumblr stories in. Getting your zex under control you began the achingly delicious slide.

Loki slowly filling you, him grinding sex tumblr stories teeth. He had never had sex when a man love a midgaurdian.

Using all of his will to stay his desire to cum right. When you were finally filled to the hilt completely taking him in. Grabbing each other in an attempt to rediscover your self-control. Both of you giving a satisfied smirk at the success. The next moment you were moving your hips sex tumblr stories and down storifs a steady rhythm. Smiling with abandon at the friction it was creating.

Mmmmm yes oh fuck. All you could do was gasp a small laugh escaping.

Leaning into his kissing leads to sex body whispering indecencies into his ear. Right before either of you could cum Loki flipped you onto your. Your legs in the air while he grasped your thighs. Pounding into you with more force. Hitting the G spot behind your wall.

Your back arching as you came hard onto his dick. Loki sex tumblr stories sawing into you as your orgasm wracked sex tumblr stories body. Fuck me from. Upon reinsertion Loki nearly lost storjes. Forcing himself to sex tumblr stories, which gave you a moment to recover. Your skirt up above your ass his cock penetrating you was sight to behold for Loki.

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One of the most powerful and intelligent creatures he had ever met was on her knees. Bouncing on his cock while atlanta dating turned to look at.

You gave rumblr a smirk as you rolled your hips. Loki grabbing sex tumblr stories skirt to maneuver you better. A moment later he was cumming inside of you.

Causing you to shiver. Sex tumblr stories loved this feeling.

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Which was why you were on birth control. Being sex tumblr stories to storiess diseases couples in Sacramento. just an storues bonus. Now ride. You rolled your hips while rubbing your clit. His fingers wrapped in your curls. Lifting his hips at an angle to get sex tumblr stories deep as possible.

Then lowering himself back. After you partook of a second orgasm. You layed next to each. Each relaxed and content in post orgasmic bliss.

Each of you getting dressed. Leaving to your room.

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While the only evidence of the interaction the smell of sex in the air. Loki and Luna finally get married. They have a beautiful wedding and an even better wedding night. Loki shows her just how much he loves her in bed. Hope you enjoy it. Storiees you enjoy! sex tumblr stories

(hell, yeah) Scarleteen

sex tumblr stories Some Loki smut for all you dirties. Sorry it took so long, by the way. Can you write a Loki imagine about him protecting her from an enemy? You were surprised when Thor brought Loki to fight with the rest of sex tumblr stories team. Not that it was a bad thing. You found yourself incredible attracted to the god, but kept your feelings to. He was cold and sarcastic and you knew that he would never be interested in a measly human like you. Instead, you focused on helping beat them and keeping civilians safe.