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Women beat men ballbusting

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When I was younger, I was quite a tomboy. I really enjoyed wrestling with the boys in the neighborhood. Women beat men ballbusting I was about thirteen, I generally had little trouble beating up the boys.

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In a few cases I had sent them home crying to their mothers. But after that, the boys started getting ballbsuting bigger and stronger than me.

Since I lived in a rather tough neighborhood, I still got into fights with the boys. While I got a charge out of the fighting, I was unable to beat these guys the way I used to. ballbuusting

It was obvious that a girl didn't have much of a chance against most guys in a real fight. I will never forget the day that I discovered the secret guys would like us girls never to learn.

I was watching a movie that had a woman skilled in karate in it. Dressed in black leotard and combat boots, she had gone into a gym looking for a guy that had attacked her sister.

She confronted a tall muscular guy who had been lifting weights. He was bare-chested and emn only a pair of tight Lycra exercise shorts.

His muscular body was massive compared to her more petite figure and he appeared virtually indestructible. After a few words a fight broke out with her landing a hard right cross women beat men ballbusting his chin.

His head snapped back, but he only laughed at her ineffective blow.

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He backhanded her, knocking her to the ground. He stood over her with his hands on his hips and looked down laughing.

With lightening speed, she drove her fist straight up between the guy's parted legs. The camera had zoomed in on his crotch at that moment.

There was a large woken bulge in his tight shorts and her fist connected with deadly accuracy. His smug superior look instantly turned to agonizing pain; his eyes squeezed shut and a loud scream escaped from women beat men ballbusting mouth.

Women beat men ballbusting

It was like an electric shock racing through my body from the intense sexual energy as I watched women beat men ballbusting cocky, egotistical stud grab for his injured testicles.

Every muscle in his neck and chest tensed from the agony of her well-placed punch eomen his brawny muscular form. The guy stood there helpless, a silent women beat men ballbusting coming from his open mouth, and his hands pressed tightly to his groin. He stared blankly at her, sank to ballbutsing knees and fell forward onto his face and lay motionless.

My cunt was dripping and I actually had an orgasm from what I had just seen. I realized at that moment how erotic it was to me to see a man devastated by a blow to his women beat men ballbusting private parts.

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I was determined to try out this newfound knowledge a soon as possible. The opportunity came sooner than I expected.

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I was a cheerleader at the time and had stayed late after school. Dressed in gym leotard, I was in a secluded part ballbustign the gym when one of the boys from the wrestling team approached me.

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He looked rather sexy in his wrestling outfit. The fabric was pulled tightly around a large bulge in his crotch.

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